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"DAV is the largest- non-government Educational Organization in the country managing over 700 Educational institutions."
Agrasen DAV Public School, Bharechnagar, was launched in 1993 with the co-operation of the local Agarwal community. Shri R. N. Agarwal, renowned philanthropist, industrialist, and Managing Director (Sri Durga Cement Company, Hesla) had donated 0.33 acre land to the School, that was later taken over by the DAV organization. It was formally inaugurated on 17 October 1993 by Shri G. P. Chopra, the then President of the DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi.

The school has classes up to +2 level and is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, upto 31st march 2021,the renewal process is in progress, At present, the School has a strength of more than 2500 students, and an area of 3.25 acres. During a short period of 20+ years, it has earned a remarkable name and is now known as one of the leading schools of Ramgarh district. Hon'ble Mohanlal ji, Secretary and Education Advisor, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi laid the foundation stone of the Mahatma Hansraj Block of the School on 10th May 2002. Now the school has grand and beautiful building, spacious library, Science labs and state of the art computer Lab. etc.

Vision & Visionaries
DAV Institutions are the gift of Arya Samaj, a progressive movement founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati in 1875. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the great path-maker of modern India, led a crusade against the superstitious and pernicious practices that prevailed in contemporary India.
With a view to bring about a balanced and harmonious development of the future citizens of this country and to infuse in them the ideals of Vedic Culture and high sense of patriotism. Arya Samaj founded a school at Lahore in 1886 by the name of DAYANAND ANGLO VEDIC SCHOOL. This established the MV College Trust & Management Society, which later set up a network or such educational institutions all over India and abroad.The DAV Movement would not have achieved its goal, had not a young brilliant graduate - Mahatma Hansraj - The first Principal of the first DAV institution offered his honorary services as Jeevan Daan', for 25 years. Matchless also is the sacrifice of his brother, Lala Mulkraj who fulfilled his pledge of supporting Hansraj's family all these years.
Presently, it is the largest- non-government Educational Organization in the country managing over 700 Educational institutions.
Aims and Objectives
The DAV schools provide a congenial environment for the all-round development of the whole personality of students and its integration with the society, particularly in reference to the Indian context. Positive ideas are inculcated in students as regards personal hygiene, neatness of uniform, cleanliness of surroundings, graceful manners, obedience, and discipline. To achieve high academic standards, personal attention is given to each individual child.
Highly motivated and dedicated team of teachers play the role of a model for the children. Individual care and personalized coaching and regular efforts have woven a very vibrant and inspiring environment.

Learning is a joy here as teachers make their lessons very interesting by following various methods of teaching viz. Demonstration, Experimentation, Project Work, Home Assignments. Play-way, Micro-teaching. Structure tire-method, Smart class etc. Education is child-centered here and singing, mimicry, playing, dramatization echo in the campus. The strength and success of DAV schools lie in the harmonious blend of science and technology and sound grounding of ancient Vedic Culture. The aim of DAV schools is to inculcate in the students a thirst for knowledge, devotion to duty, honesty, patriotic fervor besides humanism. We impart an education "to build" and an education "to pay".
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